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Anode Imaging:
Created to embody the ‘Positive Side’ of an X-Ray experience. Feverishly devoted to building relationships, not closing deals.

On Site Installation & Training

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X-Ray Service

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X-Ray Room Design & Construction

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General Consultation

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Lead Shielding Physicist Reports

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Lead Shielding Materials

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Lead Shielding

Designing and building a Radiation Room can be a confusing process.  Anode Imaging is your one stop-shop for all aspects of the project.  We can help you design the best layout, provide a lead shielding report specific to your equipment/building/business, and provide the Lead Materials that your contractor will need to get the room ready for use.

Sheet Lead

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Lead Lined Drywall

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Leaded X-Ray Glass

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Lead Doors

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Anode Imaging, LLC also offers financing!  X-Ray related equipment are essential tools to render your service, however the financial outlay or funding can be cost prohibitive.  As a value added service we offer financing.  The process is quick, funding is fast with low monthly manageable payments. . click the button below to get started today.

Get Pre-Approved for up to $999,000

Used X-Ray Equipment

Anode Imaging, LLC is a Medical Imaging Company that specializes in providing X-Ray related consulting for Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Pediatric, Podiatry and Veterinary. From the beginning process of Sales to Long Term Support, we focus on a ‘Positive’ experience for every customer and value each customer-relationship as a friendship.

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