Anode Imaging Chiropractic Package #4 UPPER CERVICAL SPECIAL

The Upper Cervical Store Double “L” Frame – The Cadillac of Chiropractic

This is the Top of the Line Chiropractic X-Ray setup. Anyone that wants precision X-Ray images and laser alignment must have a Double L Frame.   Custom Hand Made in BC Canada, these L-Frames are second to none with ease of use and precise alignment for all your Upper Cervical X-Ray Images.  Taking X-rays with the Upper Cervical Store Double L-Frame is effortless to use, reliable and accurate!

The Double “L” Frame is made from welded structural steel tubing with a baked on polyester powder coated finish. It comes with adjustable leveling feet and a built-in overhead wire for attaching plumb lines. The best feature of this system is the one of a kind Wall-stand system that has separate movements for the DR Receptor, and for the head-clamps. This allows for the equipment to adapt to the patient, unlike most other bucky’s on the market.

  • Heavy duty support frame
  • Frame is sandblasted and powder coated.
  • Leveling feet on bottom of frame
  • Built-in Overhead wire to align the central beam
  • All bearings are precise linear tracking bearings.
  • Adjustable counter balance weights are used for effortless positioning of tube & bucky
  • X-ray tube stand is included
  • One of a kind Wall-stand (bucky) System that has a separate counterbalance and pulley system for the head-clamps, making patient positioning as effortless as possible.
  • Creates a natural posture environment as the equipment adapts to the patient.

The X-Ray Chair runs on a series of linear bearing guides. It has 9″ of cross travel, 30″ of longitudinal travel and rotates a full 360 degrees. It can be locked in any position and has an adjustable back rest.

Industry leading Electric push button locking system

Note: Comes in four standard upholstery colors. Black, navy, charcoal & maroon.
*Alternate colors available by special order.

Skinny Generator Package “NUCCA” consisting of:

  • Spectra 30HF AP High Frequency generator with:
    • 30 kW rating
    • Technique selection: kVp/mAs and Anatomical Programming (400 speed techniques)
    • kVp range: 40 – 125, mA range: 50-500, mAs range: 0.2-600  (upgrade to 500 mA)
    • 15 ft. console cables, UL label, Printed & CD manual, 13 ft. line cable
    • For operation from 1 phase, 208-277 VAC electrical service, 08168-001
  • A130-3 200 KHU X-ray tube, 0.6/1.5 mm F.S., 180 degree housing.
  • C600-25 25 ft. High Voltage cables
  • 05658 Certified manual collimator, LED, laser crosshairs and swivel
  • Grid: 103 LPI, 10:1 ratio, 40-72 FR, 17.25” x 18.88” actual size
  • Parts Warranty: Upgrade to 5-year